Foot Massage

About foot massage

Care spa offers authentic foot reflexo therapy in Bangalore by applying the pressure to specific hand, thumb to provide reflexology unblocks the channel to restore proper health and organ function and to feel relax to your body and soul. The pressure is mainly applied on foot massage and distributed to three different part of the body to provide relaxation.

Foot massage in Bangalore


In foot massage therapy the certain areas of feet and hands are applied pressure that helps to channelize the energy to flow through the body. Foot massage in Bangalore helps you to remove the blockage and improves the overall physical health of the body.

Spa Center in bangalore generally includes those treatment  which takes  60 – 90min therapy in order to relieve the stress from the body. Foot reflexology in Bangalore globally known for its special way massagewhich involves far more movement techniques. Although the foot massage may feel similar to it. Most of the aspirants find this spa to be very relaxing and it is not at all a painful massage.

 Our therapists try to provide extra time on the tender part of the body so that you remain in your comfort zone. Most of the time it gives the relaxing sensation but some people may experience mood swings or sleepiness.

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