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Deep Tissue Massage in Bangalore


Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage but the higher amount of pressure is applied to release muscle stress and pain. Deep tissue massage center in bangalore focuses on innermost layers of muscles and gives the best relief. When your body goes through the different levels of stress it also affects the muscles and that later pains a lot. So the deep tissue therapy will help your body come over extreme stress.

At care spa the deep tissue massage in Bangalore is provided at a very affordable price where we work around the following body parts: neck, arms, back, thigh, calf, leg, etc. It helps a lot to people with limited mobility issues, muscle pain, injury recovery, etc.

We have the best experts of deep tissue massage in Bangalore who knows the difference between massage with heavy pressure and actual deep tissue spa which actually includes breaking up scar tissue and physically breaking down “knots” which may make you feel pain but recovers you from limited motion, muscle overlap, sprain and other muscle tension and issues.


Our therapists will use their complete body in order to provide proper stress. The practice involves massaging joints, applying pressure at specific points, breathing exercise and a lot of other stretching.

  • Decrease Stress, Low Back Pain, Postural Problems
  • Removes Muscel Knots, Injuries, Repetitive Strains
  • Low Back Pain, Upper Back Pain, Neck
  • Tennis Elbow, Hamstrings
  • Increase Body Reflex

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