Couple Massage in Bangalore

Spa for Couple Massage in Bangalore


Couple Massage is the most basic and popular of all spa services, concentrates on the back of the body, and can be ideal for those who are suffering from chronic back pain. Spa for couple massage in Bangalore will help you from back pain relief by including rest, medications and using heat or ice.

Couple Massage in Bangalore


You are probably aware of the many benefits of couple massage. For many health problems, we have different solutions to massage therapy. One of them is a therapeutic couple massage in Bangalore which is done by the experts to provide tissue-stimulating, relaxing, and pain-relieving experience.


Couple massage is one of the popular services we provide to customers on a daily basis. With the growing work pressure, long working hours, and health issues, many are experiencing different types of back pain like Back sprain, Back strain, Spondylolisthesis, Spinal stenosis, Arthritis, Injuries, Non-spinal back pain, and more but your worry is over now; We at the Care Spa in Bangalore is one of the best couple massage providers and have handled multiple cases like mentioned before. We have got a number of satisfied clients who were benefited from our spa service.

Does couple massage really work?

If you have got such questions in mind then we will you to visit our couple massage center in Bangalore as it is one of the recommended therapy and we have got the best back massage experts for you. We use the best quality oil which is heated to a specific temperature to make your back treatment more effective.


Our therapists will use their complete experience and will provide a satisfactory couple spa experience for both partners. They spread warm oil all over your back and create a soothing experience and then they use different stroking techniques to provide the best couple massage in Bangalore. Our massage techniques are unique and are a combination of ayurvedic and rich oils.

Benefits Of

Couple Massage & Spa

It helps you relieve body pain as the experts try to adjust and relieve stress for stress points.

    • Increase blood flow and circulation


    • Decrease tension in the muscles


    • Improve Flexibility


    • Improve Sleep


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