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Through our spas in Bangalore, bring the true joy of body spa to your life. Get a wide range of spa services done by our certified spa in bangalore and give your body a refreshing experience. We always try to provide 100% satisfaction to all our clients. Our list of clients includes all age groups from common people to VIPs. We are the leading spa center in Bangalore.

Our experts will help you understand in detail the advantages of different spa services available and their benefits so that you can make an easy decision about choosing best spa & massage. We are a leading spa near me providers. Our mission is to make our spa a quality brand providing the best spa, wellness & relaxation services.

Choose our spa located nearby that lets you forget all the tension of life and relax your soul for the time. Our trained & certified spa experts will provide the best spa service in Bangalore. Our spa center is located in prime locations & we offer the most affordable spa services in the city. We have brought you the finest spa services with holistic treatments. Our Spa treatments are based on ancient & natural methods of healing from Asian culture.

Best Spa in Bangalore – Our Benefits:

  1. Trained female therapist
  2. Top Class Service: Lighting, Music, Accessories, Privacy, Candles, Fragrance
  3. Hygiene: Clean Linen, Fresh Towel, Sanitized Centers

Four Hand

A form of spa designed to relax your mind and body after stressful situations with 4 hand pressure

Deep Tissue

Makes your body deep tissue adjust and stretch the complete body to make you active again


It helps you & your partner relieve pain as the experts adjust & strokes gently all over


A medium pressure spa that increases blood circulation and reduces muscle tension

Spa Prices

Cheap Spa in Bangalore

Spa & Massages Cost
Aroma Therapy60 min.Rs. 2500
Balinese Spa60 min.Rs. 2500
Couple Spa60 min.Rs. 2500
Four Hand Spa60 min.Rs. 2500
Deep Tissue Spa60 min.Rs. 2500
Thai Spa60 min.Rs. 2500
Swedish Spa60 min.Rs. 2500
Care Signature60 min.Rs. 2500


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Thai Spa

Thai massage is an act of externally stimulating specific internal blood circulation & relaxation


Perfect blend of tisserand oils that are absorbed by your skin and penetrate deeply into your body

Hot Stone

Ancient heating art of smooth stones along with the oil is used to provide the massage

Care Signature

Care signature provides healing with the pure oils to make you relax with an enhanced body & mind