All our customer needs to experience happiness and peace in life. It's important to maintain your physical & mental health. Carespa offers massage in Jayanagar, spa in Jayanagar that provides a variety of massage therapy to provide peacefulness and mindfulness that uses fragrance oil, lotion, candle & more for a massage & spa services with the mixture of essential oils to cure the stress of full body or body parts like head, back, foot, arm, etc as per your body need. Our expert therapist provides a relaxing effect instantly. Get the best Spa & Massage therapy in Jayanagar. Our best body spa service involves the use of natural plant materials in a soothing room where pleasant lighting and soothing fragrances make you feel relief from stress and tiredness.

Spa in Jayanagar


Spa & massage is useful for multiple causes like: relaxation, pain management, & improved mood.  Spa in Jayanagar provides relief from body/ muscle aches, pains, and improves mood. Adding natural & quality oil for spa services in Jayanagar can potentially boost the effects. We have highly trained & experienced experts to provide body massage & therapy in Jayanagar.

Though you can find massage therapy in Jayanagar at almost every massage clinic or spa, the style of treatment, degree of customization, and quality of essential oils vary widely. Aromatherapy massage has been found to be an important relaxation technique for reducing anxiety and stress.

Massage in Jayanagar

Massage & Spa services can boost mood & lighten daily tension and this has been found effective in medical studies. The spa & Massage treatments process introduces the influence of pressure spots, thus turning an ordinary message into a professional massage in Jayanagar.

In massages, the masseuse focus on relaxing strokes, the pressure is provided in a way that starts the healing process with regard to the patient's state of the body. It improves your physical & mental health.

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Massage & Spa Services


  • Manage pain
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Rreduce stress, agitation, and anxiety
  • Improve digestion
  • Boost immunity
Thai Spa

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Carespa Jayanagar is one of the best spa at the most affordable price. We offer a wide range of massage services. Experience the true massage & spa therapy in Jayanagar with our experts.

A form of spa designed to relax your mind and body after stressful situations

Makes your body deep tissue adjust & stretch the complete body to make you active again

Helps you relieve back pain as experts adjust and relieve stress for stress points

Helps you soothe damaged tissue, helps recover stress from muscle and joint pain

Spa Prices

Cheap Spa in Jayanagar

Spa & Massages Cost
Relaxing Spa JayanagarRs. 1499
Thai Spa JayanagarRs. 1499
Aroma Spa JayanagarRs. 1499
Deep Tissue Spa JayanagarRs. 1499
Balinese Spa JayanagarRs. 1499
Reflexology Spa JayanagarRs. 1499
Hot Stone Spa JayanagarRs. 1499
Back Spa JayanagarRs. 1499


Act of externally stimulating specific internal blood circulation & relaxation

It is a form of foot massage where the different stress points are pressed by experts

Ancient heating art of smooth stones along with the oil is used to provide the massage

Deep healing with pure essence makes you feel like a new person with enhanced body & mind


Our Spa & Massage in Jayanagar

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"A amazing experience with the experts from the care spa in Bangalore. I will highly recommend the place for the people looking for spa & massage services in Bangalore from experts. The process is very well organized""


"I visited the care spa in bangalore few days back where I enjoyed the service as it was very relaxing & satisfying. I have been to many other brands before but their therapists are better and meets the requirement. They really take care of the body and techniques are unique"

Ashwin Sharma

"From entering till my exit the complete experience was at the next level. After the massage I felt complete body is open, I took Full body massage which was very nice & will consider visiting again. Thanks to the carespa team""

Murgan Nagraj

"Nothing can define the experience. I have been refereed to carespa by my friend. After visiting there I can say its worth visiting there to believe why people like going to carespa in bangalore. I must say they provide best massage service. there center is very peaceful and calm.""

Manjunath B Gowda

"Ambiance is nice, rooms are clean & most important they take all the precautions for safety. The massage & spa services are very relaxing. Highly recommended place for massage in Bangalore.""